USA: A California day trip from San Diego to San Clemente

San Clemente is the perfect example of Southern California's stunning coastline. Photo / 123RF It doesn't get more Southern California than relentless sunshine, white-sand beaches and Spanish-inspired architecture. So, when you can find all three at the quietly charming town of San Clemente, a visit is essential. How to get there Hire a car and head north on Interstate 5 - it'll take you around 90 minutes. If you'd prefer not to drive, the Amtrak train takes you direct from San Diego's Santa

Ireland travel tips: Day trip from Dublin to Howth

In honour of St Patrick's Day tomorrow, Sarah Pollok uncovers Dublin's favourite weekend escape, an any day of the week treat for travellers. So you've danced and drunk your way through Ireland's lively capital and want to slow it down in a quietly beautiful location? Lucky for you the delightful seaside town of Howth is just a hop and a skip away. How to get there Just 16km from Dublin, it takes little over 30 minutes on the Irish Rail, bus or car to get from the big smoke to Howth. However,

Book review: Love Orange by Natasha Randall

Deception, addiction, surveillance and obsession may sound like the foundations for a great piece of fiction but how far are they really from the everyday reality of 21st century families? According to Natasha Randall's stunning debut novel, not as far as one would think. Told through the eyes of Jenni and Hank Tinkley and their suburban pastor, Father Brian, Love Orange presents an unforgiving examination of contemporary life and the lengths we go to survive its relentless anxieties. Because,